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简介:Tray “Big Daddy” BenhamBrandenburg, KYOwner/Artist at Big Daddy’s Tattoo ()20 years experienceWith southern charm and the gift of gab, “Big Daddy” Tray is an outgoing tattoo artist from the small town of Brandenburg, KY and he’s not afraid to say what is on his mind. Tray prides himself on super clean lines, smooth shading and extensive use of color. Tray is the owner of two Big Daddy’s Tattoo shops in Kentucky. His fresh and new style of tattooing was like nothing ever seen before in his home state and he has helped to inspire a new generation of artists. Tray’s work has been featured on numerous covers of national and international magazines and won numerous awards at tattoo conventions held across the country.Clint CummingsDallas, TXOwner/Artist at Sparrows Tattoo Company ()16 years experienceGrowing up Clint was a bit of a troublemaker. His dad bought him his first tattoo machine at age 15 so he could keep himself out of trouble and do something constructive. He’s been passionate about tattooing ever since. For Clint, tattooing is the ultimate form of self-expression. Clint describes himself as someone who is aggressive and passionate and wears his emotions on his sleeve and is not afraid to “let it be known” to anyone how he feels. Clint’s not here to make friends, but to prove to the judges that he is the best tattoo artist on the show. A self-taught artist, Clint’s specializes in new school and realism tattoos.Nick D’AngeloBuffalo, NYOwner and Artist at The Black Pearl ()4 years experienceNick has always had a love for drawing, and in school each year, he would always sign up for as many art classes as he could. In high school, he worked at a local sign shop that made New Orleans replica street signs and that’s when he fell in love with both the city and its pirates lore. He loves pirates so much that his tattoo studio is pirate-themed. Nick toyed with the idea of enrolling in art school, but when he got a tattoo apprenticeship right outside of high school, his fate was sealed and he’s been tattooing ever since. Nick is clearly the “young gun” in this competition, but he says he doesn’t have a message for his competition; rather he’ll let his work speak for itself. Nick specializes in realism and portrait tattoos.Jamie DaviesRedding, CAOwner/ Artist at Tattooz Ink ()17 years experienceA self-described obsessive-compulsive workaholic, Jamie says he’s too busy focusing on his clients’ tattoos rather than designing and getting one himself. Though he may ink others for a living, Jamie himself has only one tattoo, a black light piece located on the side of his neck. Starting out as a comic book artist, Jamie quickly grew bored with its repetitiveness and transitioned into the world of tattooing, which he feels is a perfect fit for his artistic skill set. He specializes in photo realism, featuring bold tattoo designs with lots of dimension, drama and contrast. A married father of two young daughters, Jamie opened his own shop eight years ago and has won several awards in nearly every tattoo genre.Katherine “Tatu Baby” FloresMiami, FLSelf-employed tattoo artist6 years experienceTatu Baby isn’t shy when it comes to her looks and admits to have used her sex appeal to her advantage, but don’t judge this book by its cover, she’s got talent to back her up. She has been tattooing professionally since she was 19 and proved herself right of the gate by taking home a “best of day” trophy at a tattoo convention. Tatu Baby got her first ink at the age of 14 – a tribal tattoo that she got alongside with her mother. She believes that your body is your temple and should be able to decorate it any way you want. Tatu Baby specializes in black and grey and realism tattoos.La Ron “Ron” GivensDallas, TXTattoo artist at Cat Tattoo’s Elite Studio ()7 years experienceRon first became interested in tattooing after receiving a bad tattoo. Inspired by art since childhood, his work is heavily influenced by Japanese Anime and features lots of color. After impressing tattoo artists at a local shop, Ron was invited to come back and learn the trade step by step. He can always be found with a smile on his face and considers himself an eternal optimist. Don’t let that smile fool you though, Ron is super-competitive and is often his own toughest critic who demands perfection in his work every day. Ron specializes in new school, Japanese and color realism.Steven “Kay Kutta” GivensFayetteville, NCOwner/Artist at Kutthouse Tattoos ()3 years experienceKay Kutta did his first tattoo on himself at the age of 12 with a sewing needle wrapped in thread and Indian Ink. To say that he’s come a long way is an understatement. After an eight-year stint in prison, Kay Kutta chose not to return to a life of crime, and credits tattooing with being able to re-invent himself and lead a life on the straight and narrow. Kay Kutta says that people either love him or hate him because he’s not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes in. He specializes in photo realism tattoos and his shop has been voted the best place to get tattooed in his hometown.Thomas “TJ Hal” HalvorsenSt. Petersburg, FLCo-Owner/Artist at Foolish Pride Tattoo Co (&)7 years experienceTJ is a no-nonsense kind of guy and requires those around him to “fall in line” because he believes he knows best. Serving in the US Army as a sniper for five years instilled in TJ a strong sense of leadership which he says has helped him in running and owning his own tattoo shop. Before he started tattooing, TJ began his career as a professional comic book artist for both Marvel and DC Comics and his love of comics definitely comes through in both his tattoo style and designs. TJ says that tattooing is the hardest art form out there since the canvas moves, screams, bleeds and sometimes even cries. He specializes in both color and realism tattoos.Cee Jay “Inky” JonesDetroit, MITattoo artist at Suicide Kings Tattoo Parlor ()15 years experienceFrom the time she was a little girl, Cee Jay wanted to be an artist. She began tattooing at the age of 24, not long after getting her first tattoo. To Cee Jay, having a good foundation as a tattoo artist is the key to success. She knows that fact all too well since she repairs many bad tattoos and considers herself an expert in cover-up tattoos. Cee Jay has a passion for using color in her work and says she can never get enough of tattooing pin up girls. This badass mom’s passions outside of tattooing include her family (she has seven kids) and roller derby, a sport she’s been involved with for the past four years.Mark MatthewsSan Francisco, CASelf-employed tattoo a ()14 years experienceMark has had a passion for art ever since he was a child. He channeled that passion into the world of tattooing when he was introduced to the medium when he was seventeen. Mark learned tattooing the hard way. A self-taught artist, he considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside a number of great artists who have motivated, inspired and taught him how to become a better artist. Aside from tattooing, Mark is also a professional mixed martial arts fighter, who competes several times a year. He’s a true family man who counts his wife and two kids as his biggest supporters both in and out of the ring. Mark specializes in black and gray and is also experienced in traditional Japanese and Americana styles.Sarah MillerPittsburgh, PAOwner/Tattoo Artist at Wyld Chyld Tattoo ()6 years experienceSarah has a background in and a passion for classical art. Before tattooing took over her life in 2009, she had a thriving career in graphic design and illustration, working with numerous design firms on product branding campaigns. Sarah considers herself to be very competitive and says she definitely has what it takes to win this competition. Not a fan of traditional styles because to her they don’t look realistic enough, Sarah specializes in portraits and pin-ups. She says that what she enjoys more than anything is illustrating through her tattoo work, expanding the medium and pushing the boundaries of what is considered tattoo art.Sebastian MurphyDetroit, MITattoo Artist at Detroit Ink15 years experienceSebastian is a self-made man. Growing up with very little, Sebastian knew at a young age that he would be responsible for his own future. Always artistic, he became an airbrush artist as a teenager to earn his keep. As the airbrush fad faded, he began hanging out at a friend’s tattoo shop drawing designs and selling them to customers who would get them tattooed. His designs became so popular that the shop offered him an apprenticeship, which Sebastian parlayed into a career. Though Sebastian prefers working in black, gray and photo realism, he describes himself as a “ninja duplicator,” meaning he can duplicate any style of tattooing.Jesse SmithRichmond, VAOwner/Artist at Loose Screw Tattoo (&)15 years experienceJesse discovered his love of art while living in Germany as an “army brat” teen. He quickly became interested in urban culture and graffiti art. After returning to the States, he enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University to help round out his own artistic style. One of his first jobs was drawing caricatures at Busch Gardens in VA and found himself among a circle of artists who introduced him to the world of tattooing, eventually learning how to make his own homemade tattoo gun. Jesse developed his signature style of quirky cartoon style designs and use of color working in numerous tattoo shops in the US as well as overseas in Europe and China before opening up his own shop last year.“Little Mike”White Plains, NYCo-Owner/Artist at Addicted to Ink ()14 years experienceDespite his physical size, everything about “Little Mike” is big. He’s funny and sarcastic and his friends affectionately refer to him as BLB (Belligerent Little Bastard). After watching the artwork he specially designed get tattooed on his friends, Mike knew that being a tattoo artist would someday be his career. Mike prefers working on big and bold tattoo designs, where he can utilize thick sculpted lines, color, exaggerated highlights so his art seems to “pop off” the skin. People’s underestimation of him in the tattoo world, because of his size, has stoked a fire in him professionally. Mike is ready to show viewers that a person’s size is in no way an indicator of one’s talent.Steve TefftGroton, CTOwner/Artist at 12 Tattoos ()17 years experienceA self-confessed “party guy,” Steve is renowned for his personal sense of style including a wardrobe of designer shirts. Interested in both art and tattoos since he was a teenager, Steve began his career “scratching” out of his house before getting an apprenticeship and has worked hard ever since to perfect his craft. He believes his confidence, working well under pressure and the ability to quickly adapt to any situation gives him an edge versus the competition on the show. Steve specializes in black and grey tattoos and is best known for his realistic portraits and horror imagery and prides himself on being able to complete his work extremely fast.Lalo YundaBrooklyn, NYTattoo Artist at Sacred Tattoo ()20 years experienceLalo grew up in Colombia, South America and instead of focusing on his schoolwork in class, he would mischievously cut his skin and fill the open wounds with ink. It wasn’t until an Italian tattoo artist showed him how to make his own homemade tattoo machine with the motor of a tape recorder, a spoon and pen that he was officially in business. Entirely self-taught, he is one of the first generation of tattoo artists in his native country. Lalo believes that communication is the cornerstone of being a great tattoo artist. He works closely with his clients in creating his designs and specializes in what he calls “magical realism,” a specific style of tattooing which blends magical elements with the real world.


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